Truly Jewellery Charity – Great Ormond Street NHS

Truly Jewellery have a passion for helping and giving back to the community, we want to express to all of our customers how committed we are to helping where we can and especially with children.

Great Ormond Street hospital holds a special place within our hearts, after personal experience and life saving treatment for my own daughter who underwent heart surgery in 2018.

Up to 5% of sales from Truly Jewellery will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible inspiring NHS staff who touch people’s lives every day and give all of us hope in the darkest times. Thank you

Monaco one of Truly Jewellery’s Favourite Destinations

Monaco's sensational position on a broad, steep peninsula that bulges into the Mediterranean continues to draw the rich and famous; its harbor sparkles with mega-yachts, and its posh properties are angled toward the nearly perpetual sun. With it’s world-famous casino, luxury hotels and numerous beaches, gardens and museums. Perched on a rock, the old town may sometimes seem of another age, but there is nowhere more modern and innovative when it comes to land management - it has reclaimed 25% of its territory from the sea and always has new development projects.

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How To Accessorize Necklines

We may know exactly what types of neckline flatters our body types, and which ones are the trendiest, but here’s something that may constantly boggle our minds when it comes to accessorizing. Which accessories best complements the different necklines? We have put together a guide for you to help when styling that perfect outfit.

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