A Guide To Matching Jewellery to Your Frame and Clothing

A large number of women stumble when not knowing which accessories best complement the clothing they are wearing. I have spoken to many over the years, who for this reason don’t bother styling, but with some guidance are amazed at what a difference a statement necklace or just a classic pair of drop earrings can add to a finished look. I too struggle sometimes due to be a working mum, so understanding what accessory we should put with what garment saves the endless trying on and changing.

Crew Neck

A true-blue classic that is everyone’s go-to neckline—the crew neck. While every type of necklace will go with the crew neck, spruce yours up with statement collar necklaces.


Be it a toga or an “accidental slip-off-the-shoulder” look, balance the asymmetrical neckline with delicate pendant necklaces. It not only adds a slight sparkle, but also draws the attention to your sensuous collarbone

Deep Plunge

While a plunging neckline elongates one’s torso, it may sometimes seem a little bare. Throw on a long-line necklace with just the right amount of sparkle for that charming, elegant look.


A fashion-forward neckline which exposes collar bones and shoulders calls for statement chokers to draw the eyes up to the face.


A perfect layering piece that not only keeps you warm, but also adds a certain allure to an ensemble—the turtleneck is definitely a wardrobe staple. Match and balance the minimalistic look with strings of precious gems that draws the eyes center and down.


Avoid over-accessorizing by sticking to collar necklaces with a centerpiece that complements the curve of the heart-shaped neckline. Complete the look with a pair ear studs in a similar style.

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